Frequently Asked Questions

What Is BillSlasher?

BillSlasher is a service that saves you money by negotiating lower rates on all of your monthly bills (cell phone, cable, internet, home phone, etc.). We started this out of personal frustration with the increasingly high rates that cell phone and cable companies were charging us.

How Does BillSlasher Work?

1. Submit your bill to our highly secure registration page and let us do the rest. There is no upfront cost and your privacy, security, and trust are our ultimate priorities.
2. We call your provider and negotiate on your behalf. We are experts in bill negotiation and promise to get you the best possible rate.
3. Your provider will send you a confirmation email with your new discounted rate and all of your savings will appear on your regular bill. Our fee is 40% of your savings as a lump sum payment.

How Do I Know That My Personal Information Is Safe?

Privacy and security are our utmost priorities at BillSlasher which is why we use the same 128-bit SSL website security software that banks use to protect their customers.

We only use your information to lower your bills and we promise to never share, sell, transfer or do anything else with your information other than save you money.

How Much Will BillSlasher Save Me?

We save customers an average of 25%, which comes out to approximately $404/year. We even saved one customer $6,000 before! There is no cost to you unless we are able to save you money. We also promise to never downgrade your services without your permission.

What Bills Can BillSlasher Negotiate?

We specialize in cell phone bills, cable bills, internet bills, satellite TV, home phone and business bills. This includes Time Warner Cable, Comcast XFINITY, DIRECTV, Dish, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and any other providers.

How Do I Send You My Bills?

To submit your bills, you can go to our sign up page. The process takes less than five minutes and you have the option of emailing us photos of your physical bills or uploading your digital bills directly to our website.

How Does The $10 Amazon Gift Card Work?

If you submit a bill for a service that is 2+ years old, isn’t under contract and hasn’t been negotiated in the last year and we are unable to save you money then we will give you a $10 Amazon gift card.

The bill must be in one of these categories: Cable (including TV & Internet) or Cell Phone.

How It Works

How Long Will The Negotiation Take?

The entire process usually takes less than 7 days. After we renegotiate your bill, both Bill Slasher and your service provider will send you confirmation emails notifying you of your new monthly rate.

Will You Lock Me Into Contracts or Downgrade My Plan?

No. We will never lock you into a new contract or downgrade your service without your explicit permission. Our goal is to make this as easy and painless as possible for you and we know that new contracts or reduced service levels are not what you are looking for.

What Happens If I Cancel My Service In The Near Future?

No problem! Just contact us and we will refund you for the savings that you are no longer getting. We are in this business to help you save money, not to nickel and dime you.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no cost unless we save you money. After we save you money, we will invoice you for 40% of first-year savings as a lump sum payment. We accept payments via PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Direct Deposit from bank accounts.

How Do I Receive My New Bill Pricing?

Your new monthly rate will show up directly on your service provider’s bill.

Can You Negotiate Business Bills?

Absolutely! Submit them through the standard submit bill form and we will take care of them for you. We can negotiate almost any business bills: cable, internet, cell phone, office phone, office security, Saas contracts, etc.