Here at Bill Slasher, we receive many single line Verizon Wireless plans and there is a consistent theme amongst all of the – they are very expensive. A single line should not cost over $100 and for any users who need data heavy plans, it’s impossible to get a reasonable rate with Verizon.

Verizon’s Single Line Options: unlimited talk & text with 1 GB of Data for $60 and 2 GB of Data for $75. $90 for 3GB, $100 for 4GB and $110 for 6GB. Not bad if you don’t need data, otherwise horribly overpriced.


Sprint is only $60 for 1 line unlimited talk, text & data and T-Mobile is only $70 for 5GB of data and unlimited talk & text (and is cheaper for less data). Even AT&T is cheaper at about $90 with 7GB of data.

Bottom Line:

If you have a single line and need data then switch to Sprint or bundle with friends or family. You’re getting killed on the price for no reason.